PDA Australia

PDA Australia is a development management company offering consulting services in many property related activities including but not limited to site analysis & acquisition, project feasibility analysis, planning permit application submissions, finance acquisition, project management & various property related negotiations.

PDA offers customers the following services.

Site Analysis & Acquisition
Through up to date market research & industry contacts PDA is able to identify potential properties, both on & off the market, and undertake detailed site analysis to determine the viability of proceeding further development activity whether that be obtaining a permit to on-sell, or undertaking the development in its entirety (acquisition, design, marketing & sales, financing, construction, settlements, financial close)

Project Feasibility Analysis
Having undertaken numerous projects across various sectors & through the use of detailed financial modelling PDA is able to undertake project feasibility & risk analysis to ensure project viability & accurate profit outcomes & return on equity forecasts. Through this process potential scenarios including their opportunities and risks are identified.

Planning Permit Applications
Adding value to potential development sites is a major activity undertaken by PDA. PDA strives to obtain the most suitable permits for each site taking into consideration site constraints & opportunities, local market research, historical planning outcomes & sales data. With extensive experience dealing with local planning authorities, state government & VCAT, PDA negotiates the many & varied planning hurdles to exceed planning outcome expectations.

Finance Acquisition
PDA has experience in structuring complex finance deals to ensure projects are properly financed for their entirety. Through the use of detailed cash flows & financial models PDA can accurately identify the timing of finance requirements as well as potential financial risks. PDA can work on behalf of clients to obtain necessary finance whether that be for mezzanine or construction debt.

Project Management
PDA has the capabilities to run development projects from inception through to completion including but not limited to such tasks as contract negotiations, consultant engagements, value management, design management, builder engagement & negotiation, cash flow management, project marketing campaigns, management of the sales & settlements process, defects management, budget management & payments for all involved stakeholders.

Property Related Negotiations
Through detailed market analysis and research PDA can effectively negotiate lease terms, land purchases, head contract negotiations, project finance terms, development structures & many other property and construction cost related transactions.